The Homza's Son 

After Wayne opened the door again, he looked down the stairs, where he saw dark¬ness, except for a shining white light. He figured that the light was coming from some windows down there. It was hard for to tolerate the strong smell, but he wrinkled up his face and continued. An eerie feeling came over him as he stepped on the old wooden creaking steps. He neared the bottom and a chill ran up his back, but he shook it off. He finally made it to the ash like floor, and looked ahead of him to see a hideous horror that made him freeze right where he was standing. What he saw were dismembered heads hanging from the floorboards above him. He then walked further into the basement. The light from the windows lit the place up pretty well once he got farther in. The faces were bluish-white, and those with their eyes open looked as though their eyes were going to pop out. The terrified expression was cemented on their faces. Suddenly he heard the steps behind him creak, and he turned around quickly. There he saw Karl, his face pale white, looking at the heads, and horrified. "Go get the police!" Wayne yelled to Karl. Karl turned to run back up the stairs, then the cellar door slammed shut, and Karl could seethe outline of a figure at the top of the stairs. Fear took hold of Karl; he started shaking and walked backward toward Wayne. Wayne was just staring at the stair¬way, waiting for the person to come down into the light, and hoping that someone had seen them come in and had called the police. The person started walking down the steps slowly. Then he finally showed his slender body and face in the light. He was only a boy about nine years old, Wayne thought to himself. Then the boy looked at Karl, and Karl stopped shaking. Wayne began to feel uneasy; he could feel something very powerful being emitted from the boy. Then Karl went over to a small wooden stool and sat down, staring blankly. Wayne noticed the dried-up stains on the ashen floor under the stool. Then he noticed a long scalpel on the bench next to the stool.

"Why isn't my state listed?"

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