Falling Home 

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Cassie is pulled away from her fast-track career, her Upper West Side apartment and her metrosexual fianc by the news that her father has suffered a heart attack. He knows he is dying and wants both of his daughters home by his side. Cassie left Walton, fifteen years ago with no plans to return after Joe, the man she loved, eloped with her sister Harriet. Cassie can barely handle being with her sister, let alone Joe. Yet, there is no way she can keep her distance from them, not as her father lay dying and not with Aunt Lucinda, who helped raise the girls after their mothers death, looking on. News that the family home has been willed solely to Cassie creates a new rift when she announces her plans to sell the house and its contents as soon as possible. Even long-time family friend Sam Parker, the towns only physician and an admirer of Cassie since high school, cant convince her to delay her decision. Soon, Cassie and her inheritance are at the center of the struggle between developers and the preservationists fighting to protect the small towns sensibility and historic homes. Despite falling in love with her sisters children, being confused by her reactions to Sams advances, and beginning to realize she feels at home in this place where people ask how you are and actually expect to hear the truth, Cassie still plans to walk away. Meanwhile, developers seem to have gained the upper hand, threatening her familys and the towns way of life, even as the house itself begins to yield its secrets when letters and belongings from the past raise questions about heritage and legacies. Then, suddenly, an unseen enemy emerges and each member of the family finds their life has been changed forever.

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