The Golden Rules for Managers 

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"It's not over till it's over." "Never leave till tomorrow what you can do today." Often, the advice that make the most impact does so because it's delivered in a clear, memorable saying that cuts to the heart of the issue. For business readers fed up with long books that say little, nothing could be more refreshing than The Golden Rules for Managers. Management expert Frank McNair distills the best business wisdom into 119 memorable sayings that speak directly to management issues, then explains the lessons behind the sayings. * A Plan Is Not a Straightjacket (flexibility in execution) * If the Employee Is Surprised at Review Time, It's Your Fault (providing employee feedback) * The Madder You Get, the Dumber You Are (self-management) Packaged for visual impact and easy reading, The Golden Rules for Managers is the new golden standard in management guides. "Frank McNair is a good businessman whose life has been steeped in practical experience in leadership and management. There are many wise and useful nuggets in this book, and the reader will feel well-rewarded." -L.M. Baker, Chairman and CEO, Wachovia Corporation "The smartest move you could make would be to hire Frank McNair. If you can't hire him, buy this book!" -Ty Boyd, Founder, Ty Boyd Executive Learning Systems

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