A Knight's Temptation 

Aldwin Treynarde is ordered by his lord Geoffrey de Lanceau to retrieve a stolen ruby pendant before it falls into enemy hands. If Aldwin excels in his duty, he might be awarded knighthood and even be welcomed back into the family he disgraced years ago. Lady Leona Ransley wants only to trade the pendant for the reward and vanish. When she arranges a meeting in a seedy tavern, she never expected to face Aldwin, a childhood playmate who almost caused her death. Not recognizing Leona, and believing her to be a courtesan with information on his lords enemies, Aldwin takes Leona hostage and spirits her away, meaning to deliver her and the pendant to de Lanceau. She, however, fights him at every chance. Aldwin desires his warrior captive more than any noble lady hes ever met; when he discovers who she really is, he knows he has one last chance to protect her life. Only by resolving the past and fighting side by side can Aldwin and Leona defeat the conspirators and surrender to their greatest temptation: love.

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