Nights Inside The Vault  

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This book is a personal memoir and tribute for a place that never got one and deserved it. The Hard Rock Vault existed for a mere blip in the history of the corporation. I was hired as one of the tour guides of the Vault. Admittedly there is a very Beatles bent within these pages. I was hired for my knowledge of the Beatles and my Drop Forged Lennon books inspired by the Chief Beatle. This book is about what I found out about the Beatles memorabilia on display at the Vault. It is also about the visits of famous guests and the remarkable guests I toured, their stories of the Beatles and the lessons I inadvertently learned from these people. How did I get the job? What were the serendipitous circumstances that surrounded my hiring and my departure? I threw in some poetry too inspired by working there. Dont worry its the last chapter. You can skip it entirely I wont mind! In sharing my memories of this incredible concept the Vault, I hope to impart the dream, the laughter, the disillusionment, the frustration and the higher meaning. Getting paid for what you love can be an awesome experience but caveat emptor or in this case, employee beware! 132 page trade-paperback with b/w photos and illustrations.

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