The Safety of Deeper Water 

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Sandy Holston, the protagonist of this novel, wears fishing lures for earrings and wields a fly rod with uncanny accuracy. She lives in a modest house on the banks of the Ripshin River in the southern Appalachian Mountains, a house she shares with a heartbroken and angry, skunk-killing dog. She fishes for trout, is known to mangle the fishing tackle of men who dont follow fishing regulations, and has become fascinated with one man who lives alone in a secluded cabin, an older man with a propensity for fishing naked from time to time. Sandy is on the brink of a life she desires in a place she loves. There is, however, one catch. Her ex-husband will soon be released from prison, and the first thing he promises to do upon his release is to come for his ex-wife, bent on revenge for her betrayal several years earlier. The genius of The Safety of Deeper Water is its ability to make fishing appealing, even irresistible, to non-anglers.Polands tale is unusual and unique, especially in its cast of characters and use of metaphor and language. --Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Poland has executed a glimpse into the world just under the rushing waters,the quieter, deeper waters where the larger, wiser fish lurk.a well written novel that tells the tale of the deep change people are capable of. --The Roanoke Times a fishing novel with suspenseand a first-rate writing job.His love of nature and fishing and his understanding of the characters shine through. --ForeWord Magazine The Safety of Deeper Water distills a wonderfully integrated spirit of belonging. Very few regional novels have so clearly shown how to shed the burden of a destructive egotism and achieve a transcendence that partakes of a particular terrains personality.In The Safety of Deeper Watertime doesnt heal but place does, especially if the place is full of mountains, rivers, and trout. --Appalachian Journal "Tim Poland weaves many characters, recurrent troubles, aspiring hopes, and community life into [an] organic and ecological whole...." --Nantahala Review

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