Cupcakes of DOOm  

Whoever has the biggest hat wins! It's showdown time, Our Heroic-ish Pirates versus Those Lousy Vikings to decide the fate of a kingdom! The weapon of choice? BAKED GOODS! Deliciously-Evil Viking Pie has taken over as the peoples' flavorite, leaving the home-made Pirate Cookies in the dust. Captain Scurvybeard, YoHo Joseph, Peglegless Pete, Lester, (and some other pirates with less goofy names) must embark on a quest to find the ultimate pastry: The Long Lost CUPCAKES OF DOOM! As you'd expect, there are sword fights aplenty, parrots, penguins, sea serpents, a treasure hunt or two, and all sorts of other piratey shenanigans. The whole thing gets a bit silly, just the way you like it. Giggling is Guaranteed (unless youre a curmudgeon). YARG!

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