Keep Silent Service 

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Nuclear holocaust is minutes from reality, so they say. President Ronald “Viper” Davis has doubts that crews will carry out his orders if asked. Jillian Steel is his key to determining if a verified and actual launch message will be carried out. Hired from her psychology practice, Jillian joins the Navy and works her way through the Nuclear Power Training Program to end up as a Junior Officer on USS WYOMING SSBN 742. After qualifying as one of the first females to fully train and become a Submarine Officer, Jillian is finally ready and in place to answer the president’s burning question. WILL THEY LAUNCH. Knowing an evaluator monitoring test missile launches will not gather real data, the President and his advisors devised the plan to embed Jillian into the Navy. But Jillian did not count on meeting Aiden, the man of her dreams that ends up reporting onboard WYOMING. Will he derail all of her plans, the President’s test, and prevent her from keeping the secrets needed to fully integrate into the crew? During the launch sequence, WYOMING deploys experimental equipment that will enable the United States Navy’s Submarines to readily locate and track Russian Ballistic Missile Submarines. After successfully deploying the experimental SILENT SCREAM technology, this Top-Secret program will be fast tracked into full production and send Special Operators into harms way to plant the devices on Russian Submarines in port. Read KEEP SILENT SERVICE and dive into the life of Nuclear Deterrent Patrols aboard the most powerful weapon systems in today's military.

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