Lethal Intentions 

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With the press of a triggering device, the Hwasong-15 ICBM lifts off from its launch pad and begins its slow ascent into the heavens. The glow of the rocket’s exhaust lights the dark night that envelops the launch site. When the world quickly learns of the missile test, President Ronald "Viper" Davis becomes infuriated at the inability to stop the North Korean Leader from potentially launching Nuclear Weapons against American soil and potentially creating a nuclear firestorm. USS GREENEVILLE SSN 772 makes its way across the Pacific towards Guam for a normal beginning of deployment transit. Her arrival in Guam is greeted by the new SEAL Long Range SEAL Delivery Vessel, a privately funded resurrection of the old ASDS Platform, code named PIRANHA. GREENEVILLE will carry PIRANHA into harms way to carry out the President's wishes to prevent any further launches of weapons and potentially prevent all out war in the Asian Theater. The political fallout over the mission will put a Russian ballistic missile boat, K-407, directly in the sights of USS NEW HAMPSHIRE as she exploits the growing Silent Scream Technology. Will torpedoes be fired in anger for the first time since WWII? Pick up a copy today and relive or experience life aboard nuclear fast attack submarines and the missions they carry out that you never know about.

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