The Pyrate Principles 

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The Pyrate Principles is a fun-filled and eye-opening voyage from ancient seascape to the New World of business. The parchment-like pages of this publication present ancient advice in pirate dialect, an exploration of each idea as it applied in days of yore, and applied examples for today's reality. Learn about Blackbeard and other Brethren of the Coast and their adventures, and come away with the weapons of the infamous captain's wisdom – all based on pirates' deeds... and misdeeds. This book will transform your life, and the future of your business or organization, as you set sail toward promising horizons – and untold riches. D’ye Want to Transform Yer Business or Organization? Your Life, Business, or Organization. Learn Leadership Secrets that brought light to dark and desperate times and indeed transformed civilization. When applied, these Principles will bring out the best in women and men, as they did in days of olde. This book was born where the past flows into the present, where the sea of the wisdom of the ages meets the pool of knowledge that I have amassed in my time at the helm. The treasures are within for ye and yer present company to enjoy. Godspeed to ye.

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