Dream a Better Dream 

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DREAM A BETTER DREAM is a call to action. The turbulent nature of current events is indicative of major imbalances in personal and global energy fields. Judging from history, there has never been an era of peace and harmony, which begs the question-why is that? The answers to this enigma have been buried in the shrouded mystery of our past - before time - when our collective energies created this physical Universe. As a result, the Earth and everything on it became solidified into heavy matter and encapsulated in physical form, while being steeped into darkness. Over time, our thoughts, which are energy as we are, became darker and heavier, setting the stage for chaos and suffering. As all energy is in a state of continuous movement, it is cast out into our atmosphere, affecting as well as infecting others. In order to change our present condition, we need more people to think differently by changing their attitudes and minds, bringing more positive energy, or Light and Love, into our world. People, who are concerned about daunting world problems and how it will affect their own future, will find solutions here to heal themselves and our planet. Instead of living in fear and darkness, change the dream to light and love. The future starts now and within you The world needs you to save it After reading this inspiring and thought-provoking book, you will: - Understand the nature of your thoughts and harness their power - Discover the value of being positively selfish - Find out how to take stress out of stress - Learn to de-clutter your brain through mindfulness.

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