Shaking Tent 

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Shaking Tent by Anne Michael, is a historical fiction based on true events and inspired by a personal photograph taken by the author.The story will make your cry, make you mad and make your heart swell with pride. In this historical novel, the heroine, Bexley Hargrove, mirrors the Erin Brockovich/Sherlock Holmes-type efforts to search out the truth in a culture known to only a few. Through the mystical world of the First Nation's culture, believing in the little people who roam the hoodoos, and the fairies who live in the trees-- through emotional heartache and a budding love story, intense family loyalty and love for the fellow man evolves in a story that keeps you guessing. The story pulls you into a world unknown by most--remote--underprivileged and beyond imagination. But what exists for the people is cherished. The emotional grit and tenacity of the characters succeed in winning victory for the victims at hand; but there remains ongoing concerns for mankind. Bexley Hargrove is a successful corporate lawyer at a prestigious law firm in Chicago who teams up with a Canadian law firm fighting for the rights of a twelve year old great-granddaughter, whose life is in limbo after her parent's death. The one-hundred-year old great-grandfather's claim to her guardianship is questioned after he contracts a rare cancer. Unexpected family reunions unveil deep secrets, harbored for nearly a century, as the lives of these people become entrenched in the largest class action lawsuit ever awarded in Canada, while a second lawsuit is about to go public. This endearing story surprises the reader as the characters develop. What seems to be isn't and what isn't seems to be---until you follow the tale as it blooms and unfolds in unexpected ways. The double jeopardy of the First Nations people, based on the IRSSA award, and current protests of the Alberta Oil Sands Projects tug at your heartstrings. The story culminates in a beautiful ending. Just when the reader thinks he has figured out the story, something else happens-a thrilling plot from beginning to end. An amazing set of circumstances that should enlighten mankind to the truth of what was and what could be. The tale was first inspired by a single photograph taken by the author in 1979 and further motivated by an event in 2016, when a half billion fish went belly up in the waters around Chicago. The author includes the emotional, gut-wrenching apologies of the Pope, the Government of Canada and many other religious faiths and leaves the reader wanting to do something, anything to further the causes The story will make your cry, make you mad and make your heart swell with pride

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