Jack The Reaper 

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From the Author Were you wondering where I got the idea for Don't Know Jack and my whole Hunt for Jack Reacher Series? Well, here's the true story. "Where is Reacher hiding?" I asked my friend, Lee Child, at a writers' event in New York City. "Reacher doesn't hide," Lee said. Maybe a little huffily? Lee's a lot bigger than me. And he writes violence like a man with experience. I've always thought him a gentle giant, but .... I backpedaled a bit. "Right. But where does Reacher live?" "Wherever he wants," the tall guy said. I thought I detected a slight challenge in his tone.I backed out of arms' reach before I pressed on. Like my characters, I don't know when to quit sometimes. We call it tenacity, but maybe it's plain old stubbornness. "Okay, well, Reacher waits until trouble finds him and then he wipes the floor with the bad guys. Perfect. But what's he doing between books?" Lee shrugged, said nothing. I took a deep breath and tried again. "Reacher's killed a lot of people by now. A lot of books. A lot of bodies. Surely someone wants payback, don't you think?" Lee leveled the patented Reacher stare at me. His tone was menacing now. "Who in his right mind would go looking for Reacher? You?" Good question. Only an idiot with a death wish -- or an FBI agent who knows nothing about Reacher's, er, talents -- would undertake such a foolhardy quest. Even then, she wouldn't do it if she had a choice. She's not an idiot. But matching wits with Jack Reacher, now that would be interesting, I thought, even though it could very well be deadly. Then again, the bigger they are the harder they fall. Whoever tames Reacher will become a legend in some circles. What if a determined, ambitious woman ..... Not long afterward, with Lee's full support and encouragement, I began writing what became the first book in my Hunt for Jack Reacher series. Lee loves what I've done with it. In fact, here's what he said, "Kim Otto is a great, great character. I love her." To date, more than a million readers have joined the hunt and read my books. Don't Know Jack and the other books in my series have made every bestseller list out there, several times. How cool is that? I'm hoping you'll love Kim Otto, too. She's a tiny stick of dynamite with a deadly aim. And her partner, Carlos Gaspar, is a devoted family man who might have turned out to be a loner like Reacher, in an alternate universe. Two FBI Special Agents on the hunt for Reacher who never, ever give up. Find out what happens in Don't Know Jack. And work your way through the whole series as Otto and Gaspar find out that what they don't know can be more deadly than Reacher. Oh, you might want to read Lee Child's Killing Floor either before or after Don't Know Jack. Many readers tell me that these books are even better together. Welcome to the Hunt for Jack Reacher. Enjoy!

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