Flim Flam 

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Meet Wilhelm Thaddeus Quinton, AKA Spoon, the most likeable person you would ever want to meet. How could you not like a guy who lives by the mantra a six-pack a day keeps mediocrity away and draws a crowd of adoring people by just walking into a room? When the Spoon Man comes upon the scene it's like a raucous parade beginning to form-up with plenty of excitement and adventure awaiting all who only need to throw normal caution to the wind and join-up. But there is another side to the Spoon Man, he is a Master Gamer and the Game Meister has his sights set on playing in the biggest game of all, Politics. And when you are a people magnet like the Spoon Man, you are a natural born Politician. But wait, there's more When Wilhelm Thaddeus Quinton plays in a game he is always a winner because winners won't play in a game they can't win, i.e., winners always rig the game so they cannot lose and if they can't rig the game they will not play. Rigging the game of Politics is always done the old fashioned way with the time honored practice of Flim Flam and the Spoon Man is an accomplished and enlightened Flimflammer par excellence. With patience and cold calculation Quinton gathers his Lieutenants and supporters about him as he shows us all how to play the game of Politics. And never ever forget, it's not really about Politics, it's always and forever about the game and winning Ronald L Clark was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and is the father of four children. Most all of his professional years have been involved in design engineering for the United States Navy. He is the holder of a number of patents and was the Science and Technology leader at the Naval Air Warfare Center that featured a technical career that highlights System Engineering as the most rewarding of his technical endeavors. He is an avid sailor and still enjoys hitting the links when the sun is shining brightly.

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