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The Kingdoms of Laruta: Book 1: Campaigns Against the Olden 

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The four kingdoms of Laruta are constantly at war with each other, and this is the story of one of the bloodiest wars on Laruta between the continents of Kyllary and Olden. They have been feuding for millennia about the divine nature of Niton, a founder of the Kyllary magical school, who was detested by the Olden as a false prophet. At the center of this war is Queen Ronela, who grows dissatisfied with her marriage, and wants to escape into the arms of her strong Olden Sergeant Gerp. Rebellions, persecutions of the Olden people, and various other disasters and clashes cover the landscape of this fantastic story. Translator's Note Dear Anna: We have heard that you are a skilled translator between several Earth languages, and we would like to solicit you to translate and publish the attached story about some historical clashes we have seen over the past decades on our planet, Laruta. The publication of this saga is impossible in my world due to censorship, but I believe that the fantastic nature of this narrative will shield it from similar censorship on your distant planet. I’m sending this communication in secret, with the assumption that nobody from my world will ever explore a small publication on such a remote and undeveloped planet as your own. I have attached an interplanetary dictionary that should be sufficient for your needs. If you download it to your computer, it should automatically translate most of the words, but you will need to smooth it all out, so that it won’t sound like a foreigner wrote it. If you have follow-up questions for me, I’m afraid you won’t have a way to email them back to me because I’m using magic to send it, and can’t disclose or teach the steps involved in the spell in a short email. I trust that you will do right by my story and will support my efforts to speak freely in the one venue available to me. I’m sorry to say that I cannot pay you because of the distance between us, but I have found a publisher who will solicit this book and will pay you a small token amount for your efforts. I wrote this book in your human equivalent of the third person in order to avoid sounding biased and to put an academic distance from it in case the work is discovered by somebody on my planet. I might occasionally slip into talking about “our” world and “us,” but only when this is necessary to explain the complex differences between our worlds. Yours sincerely, Queen Ronela

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