Dishing Up Death 

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First of the Kitty Karlyle Pet Chef Mysteries. Kitty Karlyle is a young and pretty gourmet pet chef. But she does not prepare meals for the rich and famous. Oh, no, Kitty prepares meals for the pampered pets of the rich and famous. Kitty lives in L.A. Where else? A graduate of a top culinary arts school, Kitty’s passion for food and pets has led her to create her own business catering to the elite and demanding clientele of the City of Angels and Angles. Business is off to a slow but successful start when one of her clients’ owners, fading rock star, Rich Evan, is found face down in one of Kitty’s creations. Okay, it was the Benny Had A Little Lamb. Did we mention Rich was dead? Yep, deader than a canned mackerel. Seems the poor fellow has been poisoned. And Kitty is looking pretty good for the crime. With the assistance of her best friend, and an annoying L.A. County detective who can’t make up his mind whether to arrest Kitty or marry her, Kitty must clear her name and save her business or her next job just may be working that long cafeteria line in the Big House.

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