Five Minutes 

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Todd Jones is a hotshot realtor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He’s got a hot girlfriend, too. The trouble is that Todd is a real bad judge of character, especially his own. Todd’s got himself tangled up worse than an old fishing line balled up in that long forgotten tackle box in the garage. Let’s enumerate. One of Todd’s biggest clients is mad because the property Todd talked him into buying is underwater—literally. A screwy surfer dude with a recreational drug habit and a millionaire gun manufacturer for a father has got some not-so-friendly dealers on his tail. Todd’s mother has shown up and wants to live with him. And she’s brought her pet pig. And, oh, yeah, there’s this little problem Todd is having with one of his best friends, Dr. Doug Freeman. Todd has been sleeping with Doug’s wife. Okay, so maybe he shouldn’t have. He’d be the first to admit that it may have been an error in judgement on his part. He is a bad judge of character, remember? And that leads us to Todd Jones’ biggest problem. Dr. Doug has found out about Todd’s philandering and is aiming a pistol at Todd’s forehead even as we speak. Todd has five minutes to live. Maybe less if his girlfriend finds out about his cheating ways. Nick Lucas’ FIVE MINUTES starts at a brisk boil and never lets up until the last sentence is laid down in this gripping comic thriller about a man whose life has taken a quick and nasty turn for the worse. And goes downhill from there. . .

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