Animal Adventures in North Carolina 

Animal Adventures in North Carolina directs readers to 70 opportunities-aviaries, aquariums, farms, sanctuaries, rehabilitation centers, zoos, and seasonal events-to meet new species, observe how injured and orphaned animals are cared for, discover where food products come from, and learn how to champion the cause of animals. At the Cape Fear Serpentarium, they'll see bushmasters, mambas, cobras, and numerous other snakes, lizards, and crocodiles collected by legendary herpetologist Dean Ripa. At the Horse Protection Society of North Carolina, they'll make the acquaintance of rescued horses and have the opportunity to volunteer in their care. At Conservators' Center, they'll meet servals, binturongs, jungle cats, New Guinea signing dogs, and the largest collection of lions in the state. At Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park, they'll hear birds that honk, whistle, chirp, and coo-and even some that sound like pigs grunting and people laughing. Families will find in these pages enough adventures to last them for years. Even lifelong animal lovers will be amazed at the variety of attractions North Carolina has to offer.

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