No Escape 

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Dr. Jolene Granger, has helped the elite Austin-based Texas Rangers solve cases of multiple murder in the past. Now, she's about to become a victim. Jo did her dissertation on serial killer Harvey Lee Smith. That's the only reason she can think of that he wants her--and only her-- to be the one to hear his dying confession. She agrees, vowing not to let this monster who buried his victims alive claim a foothold in her psyche. She hopes to learn about bodies never found and to bring closure to families who have not been able to lay their missing loved ones to rest. She knows Harvey has secrets to share. They're just not all the kind that Jo wants to hear. She's also not expecting to encounter Brody Winchester,whose arrest of Harvey earned him his Texas Ranger star. But there he is. Newly transferred to Ranger headquarters in Austin and determined to stick close until the unaccounted victims are found. Too bad the two haven't spoken since the divorce that severed their brief and painful marriage. As the investigation continues, Harvey hints at secrets that involve Jo, and seems to know more about her than makes sense. Unnerved by the man and his insights, Jo questions why she's really been pulled into Harvey's sphere and why, suddenly, she and people she knows are targets of unexpected violence. Ill and with his every movement monitored, Harvey still exudes menace, despite no longer being a threat. Or is he? Someone is killing women just the way Harvey did, sending furtive messages to him, claiming credit and seeking approval. Harvey's got a protégé, one who's becoming bolder and more vicious every day. Brody and Jo have to uncover the secrets within the trail of shallow graves and finish the puzzle before its creator takes his final bow. They need to do it now. Harvey's about to die, and the killer isn't finished yet. Once again, Mary Burton weaves strong, distinctive characters and a plot with one foot in facts and the other in nightmares to create a story that one can only hope will never be "ripped" from the actual headlines.

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