Eve's Garden 

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This multigenerational novel of self-discovery follows a daughter, mother, and grandmother who each face a crisis at a tender age. Eve Gates needs help finding a new path when her best friend since childhood suddenly drops out of her life, but her mother, Maisie, speaks a language Eve can't decipher. What's behind Maisie's loving but stern guidance and her refusal to talk about her own mother? The reader will find in Eve's grandmother, Evangeline Lee Grey, a heroine whose story of resilience and grace establishes a foundation for her daughter and granddaughter's triumph over the social isolation that, as a Romani woman, Evangeline knows only too well. "I love the scope of this novel. I love its lushness and lyricism. . . . I think that time and again the writing lifts off the page: transcendent and true and completely compelling . . ." Connie May Fowler, Author of Before Women Had Wings, Sugar Cage, and How Clarissa Burden Learned to Fly "Debut novelist Glenda Bailey-Mershon writes prose so evocative that it would pass for poetry, and her eye for color, light and humanity illuminates a rare and neglected corner of our shared American history." Janis Owens, Author of American Ghost

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