On the Cusp of Humanity 

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A writer who dares to challenge our sensitivities by touching on subjects ranging from prostitution and miscegenation, to spiritual miracles and facing one’s sexual identity, Rebekah Pierce is a fiery force on today’s literary scene who forces us “to check ourselves” with the prejudices, judgments and egos we possess. On The Cusp Of Humanity is a fitting title for a series of six award-winning plays that are polaroids of the human condition. Sam & Roger will leave an audience incredulous at the lack of compassion in our society today. The story forces ethical questions that will not be easily answered about gender and love. That Woman's Child tackles the misunderstood concept of forgiveness, making it clear why we need to forgive the pain from our past. Sarah's Blood is a heart-wrenching story about the bravery of a young girl, who will face the brutality of her abuser to protect her sister's innocence. Coffee Break (a love story) takes us on a journey back in time to a lost love over a cup of coffee. The Briefcase challenges the mythical American Dream, showing its emptiness; but then replaces it with a hope beyond the limitations of money. Finally, the sci-fi/fantasy inspired Lulu's Dance asks the viewer/reader to suspend reality as they are given a look into the dark mind of a time traveler who's been waiting for Him.

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