God's Naked Will 

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All materials on this website are used with permission or subject to Copyright © by CD Mitchell. All rights reserved. About God's Naked Will God’s Naked Will and other Sacrilege : Stories. Many people—preachers especially—flock to church on Sunday mornings where they find it easy to deify themselves while castigating those they feel unworthy of grace. But when religion, spirituality and faith collide with every day life, the pits of doubt, failure, and hypocrisy—like grains of mustard seed—take root and grow, choking out all that is righteous. The characters in the stories of God’s Naked Will deal with their yearnings in the context of faith and failure. They reveal they are not deities. Within these pages faith collides with schizophrenia and demon possession, incest and deformity, visions and voices, illness and addictions, nudism and wife-swapping, alternative life-styles and nude weddings, sexual choices and preferences, chastity and prostitution, masturbation and voyeurism, cock-fights and executions, ministers and deacons, preacher's wives and daughters. The stories in God’s Naked Will make no apologies, respect no persons, and pull no punches as the text explores raw yearnings that erode the base of spirituality, once again proving that Christ did not die in vain—that we all fall short of the glory of God and exist in desperate need of salvation.

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