Doughnuts for Amy 

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Doughnuts for Amy is a compassionate and emotional story of romance, redemption and retirement in the best tradition of modern romantic fiction. Nick St. Germaine, Executive Chef of Woodmont, an upscale retirement community in South Carolina, is struggling emotionally as he approaches the second anniversary of the death of his wife, Robin. Unable to handle the business of running their successful restaurant, the Stone Avenue Tavern, Nick sells the restaurant then drops out of the public eye. He spends a year bonding with his son, Theo, as they try to come to terms with Robins death. When Woodmonts Chef suddenly falls ill, Jack Carrollton, Woodmonts owner seeks out Nick and asks him to take over the enormous kitchen. Troubled by nightmares and challenged by his son to move forward one day at a time, Nick is doing that, but just barely. Nick takes solace in early morning workouts at his gym, long runs and long hours in Woodmonts kitchen. An unexpected change in management brings a new Director, Amy Sommers, a beautiful, divorced nurse with little knowledge of the Food and Beverage business. Nick is quick to show his disdain for Amy, so much so that she comes close to showing him the door her first day on the job. Amy is convinced to give Nick a chance to prove his worth and she soon finds out he's an effective manager as well as a great cook with a tighly-knit, though overly protective kitchen staff. When Amy stumbles upon one of her chef's early morning visits to Woodmont's swimming pool, she sees just how time he has spent in the gym and finds herself physically attracted to perhaps her most challenging staff member. When Amy finds his gentle, compassionate side, her attraction to him grows. Yet Amy must compete for Nicks attention with not just a beautiful physician but also a group of Woodmont's 80+ year-old widows. Perhaps with the help of Amy's confidants and executive staff members, Jessica Alexander and Cassidy Cummings, Nick may come to see Amy as someone other than his supervisor. When Todd Stafford, son of a Woodmont resident, goes from being a troublemaker to a threat to Woodmonts security, Amy is afraid Nick lose control at the worst possible moment. With a supporting cast of quirky cooks, cranky widows, World War 2 vets and endearing octogenarians, Doughnuts for Amy is a six-course tasting menu of fork-tender romance and unexpected comedy that will have you asking whats for dessert?

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