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Mary Ellen Taylor's passions include writing, baking and family, all of which intertwine in THE UNION STREET BAKERY , a Berkley Trade Paperback Original on sale February 5 th , 2013. In it, Taylor introduces Daisy McCrae, who's returned to Alexandria's Old Town after losing her boyfriend, her job and most of her money, and is once again living above her family's bakery and ignoring the whispers of an amiable spirit who shares the attic rooms. For Daisy, who grabbed her college scholarship, left town and swore she wouldn't return, being with her family and living and working in the place where she was abandoned as a three-year-old is painful. The McCrae's adopted her and love her as one of their own, but Daisy struggles with the feeling the she's not a "real" McCrae  and she still wants to know why her birth mother rejected her. With her parents no longer able to run the bakery, Daisy's doing her best to keep the 160-year-old family business afloat and to manage her less than perfect relationships with her sisters. Rachel, widowed thirteen months ago, lives in the shop's second floor apartment with her five-year-old twin girls. She's been shouldering the load since their father's heart attack and reluctant retirement. An extraordinary baker, she has no head for business. Their sister Margaret and her almost-Ph.D. in archaeology have returned to the store as well, though with a definite lack of punctuality and enthusiasm. On Daisy's first day back in the shop, wealthy 99-year-old Mabel Woodrow comes by and tells her that she had dreamed about her the night before. She ignites old sentiments and buried anger by insisting she knew Daisy's birth mother whom she’d seen on the docks hours before she abandoned Daisy. Equally frustrating is the fact that Mabel chose not to tell the McCraes or the police about the woman. The next morning, Miss Mabel is dead. Her housekeeper delivers the news along with a handwritten journal from the mid-nineteenth century that the old woman had insisted go to Daisy. − −− − continued − −− − Studio FBJ Photography Daisy knows she has the book for a reason and she's determined to uncover its secrets. There are truths amid these pages written by a slave girl named Susie and history to be recovered, but before Daisy can begin to piece together the mysteries it may hold, she gets the answer to the question that's haunted her for thirty years. Her birth mother is back. In THE UNION STREET BAKERY Mary Ellen Taylor brings together history, contemporary concerns and the stuff of legends as she explores how family relationships, loyalties, and love shape the present, and the role the past plays in determining the future.

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