Honorable Lies 

It’s September 1888, and Commander Peter Wake, Office of Naval Intelligence, has been ordered to salvage his failed espionage operation against the Spanish Navy in Havana. His network of spies in the city is compromised, international political tensions are escalating, the U.S. presidential election is looming, and Wake has five days to locate and rescue two of his network who are missing and assumed captured by the Spanish. Wake immediately realizes that his old nemesis Colonel Isidro Marrón, head of the dreaded Spanish counter-intelligence service, has set the perfect trap to kill him. Wake’s covert American team of experts in linguistics, chemistry, and lock picking, are soon hard pressed to just stay alive as they struggle to carry out his hastily conceived plan. And in the midst of all this chaos, Wake saves the lives of Havana’s Spanish elite, forms a nervous friendship with the colonial governor, receives an odd message from his Cuban revolutionary friend José Martí, encounters the shadowy world of international Freemasonry, and forms an unusual bond with the legendary actress Sarah Bernhardt. But can Peter Wake really trust anyone, or anything, in Cuba?

"Why isn't my state listed?"

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