Coming Home 

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Losing a loved one to death is heartbreaking, finding love through the heartbreak is a miracle. Mac Harris had too much on his mind to worry about how tired he felt. The business he built from scratch was in financial trouble. The last thing he needed was a visit from the past. As death robs him of life, the last images he sees are the pictures of the two women who defined his life: Anne Harris and Maggie Cosby. Anne Harris could not find any tears to shed as her father, Mac, was laid to rest. The only emotion she could feel was resentment toward him and his business, Mac's Flying Service. Soon it would be hers to sell. She had enough problems brewing at her horse farm. Maggie Cosby was tired of flying a desk as an Aviation Safety Inspector with the FAA. She yearned for the carefree days of flight instructing and being with Mac. There was always tomorrow to make a phone call she promised her herself. As news of his death reaches Maggie, the need to return to Athens-Georgia, the World War II hangar, and Mac bekons her home. Anne and Maggie come face-to-face at the reading of Mac's will,and are surprised by Mac's decision to leave his business to Maggie. Feeling betrayed by those called family, Anne vows to fight her father's decision. For Maggie old wounds are reopened. At opposite ends of the future of Mac's Flying Sercie, each woman will have to face secrets and ghosts from the past. Truths are revealed creating a bond of sisterhood. One woman will learn the true meaning of love and trust. The other will have to make the decision to let go of the memories of bygone days, and accept the love of the present.

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