Elisa Troutman 

Troutman grew up writing pieces that centered on nature. She graduated from East Carolina University, majoring in Conservation and continued studying Advanced Writing and 18th-Century English Literature at Davidson College. She is working on a new novel, Sami and the Janitor Make a New Language . From the dawn of the opening poems in this magic collection throughout, bees bless: "Your see-through wings that make me nod, / ignite the blooms that lift my yard. / But why the fanfare, rumpled scout? / What's the floating anxiety about?" The magic builds. We are the Moon Audience below the "full-and-bright": "She sits as we muse, and serves us another bowl of light. . . . You require us to part / the curtain, get the crackled, wavy vase out, fill it fully to / the top, arrange new flowers.” A wand waves over us as we dance on through these remarkable poems. The Bullfrog finally blesses us the readers: "He wants to/spill his/song again. . . . It happens soon / on a cypress bald, / I almost imagine/ his frog face smiling/ . . . . This bull / intends to lift / the swamp tonight — to rouse and hoist / his solo moon.” How we readers are blessed to hold this book of gifted talking and listen! --Gill Holland, Professor Emeritus of English, Davidson College, poet and translator of Classical Chinese poetry. His book of translation, The Private Journals of Edvard Munch was published by the University of Wisconsin Press.
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