Kim Beall 

Kim’s love of science fiction, fantasy and gothic romance came to her naturally as her parents had a huge collection of the genre. Kim says she started sneaking into the basement to read her parents huge stash of books when she was only nine years old. Kim Beall started writing her own stories in Junior High right after she read Lord of the Rings. She thought there was a need for more books like J. R. Tolkien’s trilogy. She also admits that her only good grades were in English, which unfortunately was only for one hour out of the day. So, in the other classes she continued writing — on the sly. Author Kim Beall. Author Kim Beall. When asked about who she pictures reading her book Kim said, “Women who are over the whole handsome-hunk-save-me-thing.” She went on to say she misses the kinds of books that don’t rely on the horror she usually finds in gothic romance. “I have a feeling there are a lot more of us out there than the industry realizes.” You’ll find Kim writing at Wake Forest Coffee Company every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. She “rents a table” by buying a latte and works for six hours a day whether she feels like it or not. When asked about her writing process she says she starts with a rough outline but usually the story takes her off course. She says she is a “plantser” -working with a combination of planned plots and outlines, and by seat of her pants, winging it when called for.
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