Lisa London 

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Lisa is the author of Darker the Night, a WW2 novel inspired by the true story of a young woman growing up in Nazi Germany. When her neighbor Hilde mentioned how much she had enjoyed her Hitler Youth group, Lisa was intrigued. Not long after that, Lisa was helping her 100 year-old Granny pack up things and found a beautiful embroidered tablecloth that looked almost new. “Granny, I’ve never seen you use this. Why not?” Sadness engulfed her grandmother’s face. “My brother, Bud, told me he got it off a German family when he was in the war. Every time I used it, I pictured that poor German family with a bare table.” Needless to say, it broke Lisa’s heart to see her grandmother so sad. When she mentioned it to her German neighbor, Hilde stopped her. “Tell your grandmother her brother helped a German family. We were starving after the war. So people would trade their table linens for food. If the American soldiers had not ignored the non-fraternization rules, many of us would have starved.” Not only did this make her grandmother feel much better, at that point, Lisa knew she had a novel that had to be written–a World War II novel written from the German civilian perspective. Darker the Night was released in February 2016 in honor of Hilde's 90th Birthday. Lisa began writing books as The Accountant Beside You when she realized nonprofit and religious organizations often had non-accountants doing the bookkeeping, but had few resources on how to do it. The books in her Accountant Beside You series are being used by thousands of organizations across the world. Lisa is looking for a nonprofit in Antarctica, just so she can claim it has been read on every continent. Lisa’s husband Skip and their four children think she has completely forgotten how to cook or to help on their small farm in North Carolina. When not writing, Lisa enjoys spending time on the coast, paddle boarding, kayaking, and boating with the family.
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