Deb Perelman 

Deb Perelman started to collect her favorite recipes. Since then, she has built a community of avid fans who rely on her recipes and her responsiveness in the comment section. Packed with over 100 recipes—nearly all new, with variations on a few site favorites sprinkled in—Smitten Kitchen Every Day brings us more of her trademark approachable, accessible, and delicious dishes that home cooks the world over have fallen in love with. Among them: a Kale Caesar (well-trod ground, but this one is unapologetically inauthentic and “so good you basically can’t shut up about it”); Everything Drop Biscuits with Cream Cheese (an ingenious repackaging of the everything bagels New Yorkers love, into a lighter, fluffier, southern-er package); loads of vegetarian mains (including a Tomato and Gigante Bean Bake— “pizza beans” for the kids—and Brussels and Three Cheese Pasta Bake that will turn the most reticent eater into a fan of brussels sprouts); meat mains to satisfy the carnivores among us (and then some, from Chicken and Rice, Street Cart Style to Miso Maple Ribs to Bacony Baked Pintos—hearty beans you dip into like nachos.) There are apps, snacks, and party foods; savory and sweet breakfasts to fill your brunch card for months; and desserts to satisfy every sweet tooth. Plus: a Party Cake Builder. Endlessly adaptable (cupcakes, layer, square, and round cakes) one-bowl recipes (cakes and frostings) that will save you from Pinterest fails, one a.m. tutorials on buttercream roses, and other baking pitfalls that can send one straight to the local bakery. As Deb writes, “What I have always loved about cooking is the way a happy discovery—a new way to meatball, a four-ingredient farro that has caused more than 800 comment section exclamation points, cookies that look like clouds and taste like pink lemonade—has the power to completely change the course of a day.” In Smitten Kitchen Every Day, Deb shares those discoveries with us all, bringing joy into our kitchens and transporting us through our food to favorite locales, memories of vacations past, or just across the room to the table with friends and family, laden with food that makes everyone happy.
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