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Lisa Kelley 

The three loves of Lisa Kelley's life are family, animals, and writing. As a native Georgian, Lisa grew up on ten acres of land outside of Atlanta, Georgia, on what was essentially a small farm. Her beloved father, Richard, built barns and pastures and filled them with horses, cows, chickens, and even a goat (for a little while). He also brought home rabbits, ducks, cats, and dogs. And Lisa loved them all. When Lisa first met her wonderful future husband, Rich, he had a Cockatiel and a desire to eventually have an African Grey parrot. Being around parrots was a new experience for Lisa, but at her urging, they went to see an African Grey baby that was for sale. It was love at first sight for Rich and he brought baby Dino home. Lisa quickly fell in love with Dino and soon wanted a parrot of her own. Not long after that, Pebbles, a green and yellow Senegal came to live with her. When Lisa and Rich married a few years later, they merged their two households, which included three birds and two cats. Two years into the marriage, JoJo, a Mustache Parakeet who desperately needed a new home, came into their lives. When Lisa and Rich first met JoJo, there was no question that he was coming home with them. He is now spoiled rotten and as happy as can be. Since JoJo's story was so sad but had such a happy ending, it suddenly struck Lisa that it would make a wonderful children's story. And thus, "The Lonely Parrot" came to be. Because the tale is heartwarming and teaches an important lesson as well, Lisa is excited to share JoJo's story with children and adults alike.
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