Lori K. Lee 

Lori would readily admit that she is a child at heart and that's part of what makes writing children's stories so enjoyable for her. The other part has to do with her three children and the delight she has experienced seeing the world through their eyes as they have grown from wee babies to teenagers and young adults. Lori was born in Minnesota, but was raised from the age of 11 in Carson City, Nevada. She graduated from Bemidji State University in Minnesota with a Bachelors Degree in History and Political Science. After working in the corporate world for many years, Lori decided to make a career change and became a Nanny and Pre-School Teacher. The work was so enjoyable that she decided to work with children full time. Continuing to follow her passion for impacting childrens lives, she started the Miss NC Sweetheart Pageants, sponsoring pageants that focused on natural beauty and giving back to the community. During the different phases of her life, Loris passion for writing was always in the background, begging her to find time someday to write, so she became a fulltime freelance writer and editor. Still wanting to continue to impact the lives of children, writing childrens stories that would gently teach children powerful lessons came to the forefront of her goals. Her first childrens book, Bonnie the Honeybee and the Case of the Butterfly Blues, is a result of the culmination of her passion for writing and her desire to impact childrens lives. In the story, Lori addresses the challenge that every child faces at some point in their young lives...trying to see the beauty in themselves compared with everyone else around them and loving themselves just the way they are. Lori is currently working on several other projects due out in 2011 including The Extraordinary Journal of Jemma Jinx, the journal entries of a precocious 13 year old girl who is going through all of those issues every preteen girl has to deal with and Louie the Ladybug and the Case of the Beetle Bullies, the story of a boy ladybug and how he handles the teasing and bullying from his peers because he is a boy ladybug. Lori now lives in North Carolina with her teenage daughters; a dog named Bob, a rabbit named Elvis and has a twenty-year-old son who is bravely serving in the U.S. Army.
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