Shelby Adams Lloyd 

MY LIFE AS A WOMAN WHO LOVES TO WRITE I was reared at Oxford Orphanage, now called The Masonic Home for Children, in Oxford, North Carolina. This is still my home and all the students who were there are my brothers and sisters. We orphans are a different breed from other families. If you didnt grow up in an orphanage, youll find it hard to understand where we are coming from. We spend together and each year during our annual homecoming, we throw our love around like there's no tomorrow. At the hotel, we get together in the conference room on Saturday night, and you should hear the conversations. There is not greater love than those of orphans who were brought up at Oxford Orphanage. We don't hesitate to hug and kiss one another like we we will never see each other again. During my childhood I read probably all the books in the library at the orphanage. We did not have writing classes at the orphanage school so I did not get the chance to see what I could accomplish as a child. I graduated from high school and then left to make my mark in the big, wide world. I met my husband and we dated for over a year and my education as a nurse went nowhere. Falling in love was more important to me at that time and I did not want to leave the young man I had fallen hard for. I married Donald on February 14, 1957 and as of now we have been married for 53 years. He is the love of my life and we have three wonderful children, two girls and one boy, who are very dear to me. I was a stay at home mom and went to work when my youngest daughter was in middle school. I then worked for Met Life for a few years as a sales representative. Writing became important to me after I got my first computer after starting a new career with Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. I was working but once I started writing, I would stay up almost all night writing, then sleeping little before going to work. When I retired, I really started writing seriously. Retirement is great for me since we moved to Southport, NC. I picked up my book again after my youngest grandchild went to preschool and I was determined to finish it, which I did and then I tried to find an agent to work with me with no success. Then I started looking for publishers and decided on Xlibris because of a friend uses them to publish several novels. I published my first Womens Suspense, Grains of Sand, in August of 2007. It has been a moderate success but I have decided to go the traditional route by having an agent to help me with the publishing of my books. My second book, Branches of Life, is ready for publication. My editor has finished editing it and thinks it is time to get it to a publishing house. She has changed my mystery books to Womens Suspense. It fits because my main character is always a woman. It make sense since I love telling stories about women who are strong in their everyday life. The book deals with drug lords and a young lady who is trying to make it in the clothing design world, which takes place in Raleigh, North Carolina. The book takes you on a journey where drug lords live and hang out. As the story unfolds, it keeps you wanting to keep reading until the end. In the story I have relived some of my experiences in the orphanage which should be of interest. Of course these memories are true as the writer remembers them. I have finished my third book I call Endless Secrets. It deals with a man married to several women at the same time. The story takes place in Wilmington and Cary, North Carolina. John Smith is married to five women when he decides to fake his death. After his faked death, each of the women is killed by an automobile explosion or fire. Will he kill Amy, his first wife of thirty five years? There are endless secret in the Smith family that no one knows of. Will Amy live to see her supposedly dead husband in prison? I am now on my fourth book named Secrets from the Grave. It takes up where Endless Secrets ends. Will John still be alive? Are there other family members who are taking over the making of illegal drugs? Will Amy have a life after John is finally found? Writing is a hobby that I enjoy very much. I use a tape recorder to remember things I want to write about. It has been very helpful because I dont have to write it down as I think of something. The most enjoyable time for me to write is in the wee hours of the morning. At that time I am not interrupted by the phone or doorbell ringing. I love the quietness of the room with my fingers typing away the thoughts going through my head to be used in my next book. I think I was intended to write stories. I am in my ever glory each time something new comes to me as I write. Its a joy that only someone who loves writing can get pleasure from. As I tell my grandchildren, reading is for knowledge and entertainment. My books are for entertainment and my older grandchildren have read "Grains of Sand" and enjoyed it very much. They tell me that they are proud of their 'gram'.
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