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TJ Fisher 

Curious insights, snippets and tidbits on the life-and-times of TJ Fisher… A whimsical firebrand filled with a "never-a-dull-moment" sense of daring and commitment, TJ is a flame-haired workaholic with a proclivity for surreal drama. Her friends call her an "impetuous and idealistic romanticist." Never one to shy away from providing plenty of fodder for gossip columnists, she enjoys engaging in famously public feuds and vocal challenges. With a legendary sharp sense of humor and a flamboyant nature, intriguing stories of her outrageous hijinks, comedic talent and eccentricity abound. Unconventional and superstitious, TJ is a fiercely loyal and yet capricious wild card in motion, a cutting-edge personage armed with a commanding and yet beguiling presence. A person who does not back down — a woman who is always willing, ready and able to stand on the frontline and fight for what she believes in and loves ― TJ embraces life with an open and caring "anything-goes" attitude. Many call her the ultimate paradox: mystique-laden and quixotic, with gumption in the genes, yet warm and open, down-to-earth. She is noted for being original in everything she does. Her distinguished characteristics are a perfect fusion of Old World class, panache and idiosyncrasy ― mixed with a modern edge. TJ is an award-winning author of multiple works on New Orleans ― her writings and visions capture the heart and soul of the city; her colorful narratives and imagery chronicle the people, places and spirit of New Orleans, past and present. Taking readers on resonate and deep journeys of passion and emotion, TJ's original voice grabs hold and ignites the senses; she provokes and stirs the emotions. She is well known for unleashing torrents of lush and spirited words. A lifelong and natural-born gifted raconteur, writer, documentary filmmaker and thespian, TJ possesses a Bohemian soul; she finds "intrigue and inspiration in the dreams deferred and life’s detours." As one who well knows the up-down winding spirals of destiny, TJ has come to know that illusions shatter but memories remain. As the owner of a haunted heart with a deep longing for nostalgic remembrances of bygone eras, TJ seeks out "places that time forgot, where the clock is ticking." She finds deep reflections in the ring of memories captured in the shade of ancestors. An artistic and complicated woman of illogical duality and intrigue, one who has always led an unusual life of creativity and complications, TJ’s friends say she maintains an unknowable internal life. With an intense psyche, curious and unconventional, TJ dares to be different, to court controversy. Along the roller-coaster ride of life, she fearlessly takes leaps of faith. TJ values the premise of listening to the heart over the head, trusting in spontaneity and risk over calculation. Believing in the power of instinct over reason, she is attracted to the age-old ideal of embracing "forgiveness over judgment, impermanence over permanence, and tradition over trendy." She finds the ancient draw, allure and exotic eccentricity of New Orleans to be "irresistible, spectral, mysterious and inexplicable." Unorthodox and evasive, private and secretive, yet keenly intimate and warm, known for her disarming candor, she is the ultimate paradox, social yet reclusive. TJ divides her time between the historic French Quarter of New Orleans and South Florida. Deeply affected and haunted by Katrina, yet equally driven and galvanized, the passing of the storm resulted in her successfully overcoming a longtime writer's block. The dark ironies of the twists of capricious fate do not escape her. She maintains, "There is always truth in fiction and fiction in truth." However, she declines to say which is which. For more on TJ, go to her website: To continue reading the "About TJ" page go to: To read TJ's personal "Qs & As" page go to: Wikipedia biography:
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