Meet Shan Gill, Author of _Cosmic Kitty_

at in store on 08/12/2017, 12:00 pm
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"Carrollton", GA
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Georgia's oldest bookstore, Horton's has been in business since 1891. Antique shelves and display units showcase new books, gift items, and periodicals. Store cats Mayah, Poe, and Dante are always on hand to help customers choose just the right book or gift.
For Cosmic Kitty, living in Joy-Ville is peaceful, loving, and full of friends, but unlike her neighbors, she craves adventure. She has a special relationship with nature, especially the sun and moon. However, she is also a soul on a mission to visit other places and other planets. When she has a chance to visit another dimension, she finds herself in a parallel universe that mirrors her own. But in this version of her home, she is not that nice. Cosmic Kitty (or Katherine as she is known in this new world) is actually the playground bully! Using mindfulness techniques, Cosmic Kitty must face herself and find ways to cope with this new world and then find her way home. Along the way she discovers what she always knew deep down - that she has a great deal of help from many unusual and divine places!

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