Reading and Book Signing with Richard Tillinghast and David Tillinghast

at in store on 07/13/2017, 05:30 pm
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Memphis, TN
(901) 278-7484
Renowned poet Richard Tillinghast’s wanderlust and restless spirit are nearly as well known as his verses. This book of essays captures that penchant to wander, yet Journeys into the Mind of the World is not merely a compilation of travel stories—it is a book of places. It explores these chosen locations—Ireland, England, India, the Middle East, Tennessee, Hawaii—in a deeper way than would be typical of travel literature, attempting to enter not just the world, but “the mind of the world”—the roots and history of places, their political and cultural history, spiritual, artistic, architectural, and ethnic dimensions. At the heart of his journeys are his deep roots in the South, tracing back to his hometown in Tennessee. The book explores not only Tillinghast’s childhood home in Memphis, but even the time before his birth when his mother lived in Paris. Readers will feel a sense of being everywhere at once, in a strange simultaneity, a time and place beyond any map or guidebook. Richard Tillinghast is the author of three recent books of poetry: Sewanee Poems (Evergreen, 2009; second edition, 2012), Selected Poems (Dedalus, Dublin, 2009), and Wayfaring Stranger (Word Palace, 2012). Among his nonfiction books are Finding Ireland (University of Notre Dame, 2008) and An Armchair Traveller’s History of Istanbul (Haus Publishing, London, 2012). Sisters, Cousins and Wayward Angels displays David Tillinghast’s fascination with women, young and old, their beauty and their mystery. Many of the poems in this collection also play with notions of the contentment derived from spending long days and nights of solitude in the woods. These poems stir images and long remembered feelings. David Tillinghast was educated at Louisiana Tech, the University of Wisconsin, and the University of South Carolina where he studied with George Garrett and James Dickey. His numerous publications and awards testify to his distinguished career.

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