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In 2001, based on Pew Research polls, 57 percent of Americans opposed same-sex marriage and 35 percent supported it; in 2016, public opinion reversed, with 55 percent supporting same-sex marriage and only 37 percent opposing it. The world for gay men and women has radically changed in the few years since Loren A. Olson, MD, a psychiatrist who came out at age 40, first wrote his groundbreaking book for older gay men and others struggling to sort out their sexual identity. Now, in the revised and expanded second edition of FINALLY OUT: Letting Go of Living Straight (Oak Lane Press; April 2017), Dr. Olson explores current issues facing the LGBTQ community and delves further into why many men who have sex with men reject defining themselves as gay. “Human sexuality,” Dr. Olson attests, “is far more complex and fluid than labels.” Sharing the story of his own evolving sexuality and excerpts from his interviews with all kinds of men—middle-aged, older, and younger; Christian and Muslim; white, black, and brown; blue and white collar; single and married (to women) with kids—who regularly engage in sex with men, Dr. Olson sheds light on deeply entrenched and wide-ranging conflicted feelings about being gay. Along with candid reflections, he offers insights into same-sex sexuality and stereotypes from history, politics, religion, literature, neuroscience, sex research, and psychiatry. Author Bio: LOREN A. OLSON, MD, is a board certified psychiatrist in practice for more than forty years. A nationally recognized expert on mature gay men, he has spoken to groups across the country and appeared on ABC-TV’s Good Morning America, in addition to giving numerous national, local, and regional television, radio, and print interviews. He is a regular blogger for and Psychology Today. Dr. Olson lives in Iowa with his partner of thirty years, Doug, who became his husband in 2009 after the Iowa Supreme Court sanctioned same-sex marriage. He was previously married to his wife, Lynn, and is the proud father of two daughters and a grandfather of six.

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