Moveable Feast in Surf City

03/02/2013, 12:00 pm
Topsail Beach, NC
(910) 328-4969
About Event
Moveable Feast in Surf City Authors’ luncheons are becoming more and more common around here, but one of the best has to be the Moveable Feast put on each year by Quarter Moon Books, 708 S. Anderson Blvd. in Topsail Beach. Quarter Moon is getting ready to throw its 10th Moveable Feast, coming up at noon on March 2 at QuarterMasters Restaurant, 13741 N.C 50 in Surf City. Tickets are now on sale, according to Quarter Moon manager Lori Fisher, and buying early is definitely a good idea. Six authors are coming to this year’s Moveable Feast. Unlike some other luncheons, there aren’t formal speeches, just ordinary conversation, Fisher said. You get a little more variety, though. Not only is there an author at every table; every 15 minutes or so, the authors change seats, so you have a chance to chat with each and every one of them. This year’s lineup is especially strong. Locals include Emily Colin, who scored a hit last year with her novel “The Memory Thief”; Christy English, author of two novels about Eleanor of Aquitaine (“The Queen’s Pawn,” “To Be Queen”) and a Shakespeare-tinged Regency romance, “How to Tame a Willful Wife”; and Mike Maccalupo, author of the cerebral mystery-comedy “Murder at Ravenswood Hall.”
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