Holly Schwartzwol -- What We Tellb

02/12/2013, 08:00 pm
Coral Gables, FL
(305) 442-4408
About Event
Holly Schwartzwol -- What We Tell -- Gables Start: 8:00 pm Friendship is a complicated experience, one filled with ups and downs, highs and lows, joy and sorrow. But true friendship, like true love, can withstand the tests of time – or can it? For three women, each accomplished in life and facing the challenges and rewards of midlife, friendship is everything. When secrets begin to mount and loyalties are betrayed, these friends struggle to find a balance between their loyalty to each other and their clients, as well as between their families and themselves. Behind each brave face lies a festering secret that the owner is understandably reluctant to share with anyone. As each struggles to face her past, the more troublesome skeletons in the closet begin rattling for attention. How will each woman survive the scandal if her secret is betrayed? Sometimes psychology is not enough to heal the wounds, and sometimes "physician, heal thyself " is easier said than done. Discover what happens when secrets are revealed in What We Tell by Holly Schwartzwol.
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