Ranen Omer-Sherman -- Narratives of Dissent

02/09/2013, 08:00 pm
Coral Gables, FL
(305) 442-4408
About Event
Ranen Omer-Sherman -- Narratives of Dissent -- Gables Start: 8:00 pm FOCUS ON ISRAEL: The year 1978 marked Israel’s entry into Lebanon, which led to the long-term military occupation of non-sovereign territory and the long, costly war in Lebanon. In the years that followed, many Israelis found themselves alienated from the idea that their country used force only when there was no alternative, and Israeli society eventually underwent a dramatic change in attitude toward militarization and the infallibility of the Israel Defense Forces. In Narratives of Dissent: War in Contemporary Israeli Arts and Culture (Wayne State University Press, $39.95) editors Rachel S. Harris and Ranen Omer-Sherman collect nineteen essays that examine the impact of this cultural shift on Israeli visual art, music, literature, poetry, film, theatre, public broadcasting, and commemoration practices after 1978. These works address both incremental and radical changes in individual and collective consciousness that have spread through Israeli culture in response to the persistent affliction of war. No other such volume exists in Hebrew or English. Students and teachers of Israeli studies will appreciate Narratives of Dissent.
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