Cory Doctorow with his young adult novel Homeland

02/16/2013, 02:00 pm
Chapel Hill, NC
(919) 942-7373
About Event
Cory Doctorow with his young adult novel Homeland Start: 2:00 pm Sat 2/16/13 2pm-3pm Cory Doctorow discusses his young adult novel Homeland, the follow up to Little Brother In Cory Doctorow's wildly successful "Little Brother, " young Marcus Yallow was arbitrarily detained and brutalized by the government in the wake of a terrorist attack on San Francisco--an experience that led him to become a leader of the whole movement of technologically clued-in teenagers, fighting back against the tyrannical security state. Fast-moving, passionate, and as current as next week, "Homeland" is every bit the equal of "Little Brother"--a paean to activism, to courage, to the drive to make the world a better place. Cory Doctorow is a coeditor of Boing Boing and the former European director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. He writes columns for "Make," "Information Week," the "Guardian" online, and "Locus," He has won the "Locus" Award three times, been nominated for the Hugo and the Nebula, won the Campbell Award, and was named one of the Web's twenty-five influencers by "Forbes" magazine and a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. He hopes you'll use technology to change the world.
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