Heirloom: A New Orleans Thriller 

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This is a gripping tale stretching over the week before and after Mardi Gras in New Orleans, involving murder, blackmail, the mob, romance and voodoo. In researching how to preserve fabric and leather, Colton Wellington, a chemist, accidentally stumbles on a means of embalming a human body so that it will remain indefinitely as it appeared, in perfect condition, at the time of death. He creates a business, named Heirloom, of preserving priceless wedding dresses of Royalty and the wealthy, which business becomes international. Secretly, his lawyer business partner, Tryon Ireland, begins using the process to preserve victims of serial killers, murderers, and then blackmails the “clients”. Wellington has a serious accident and is paralyzed and in a nursing home leaving his grandson, Max, as his only heir. Ireland assumes the role of surrogate father for Max. Ireland encourages Max to join the military, and after six years, Max returns as highly trained officer and begins working in Heirloom. Ireland thinks of him as a nerd and doesn’t realize Max has a high IQ and is very competent. Ireland conspires to get rid of Max so he can take over the company. Caroline Reynolds wants to wear her mother’s wedding gown at her upcoming marriage, and learns it is stored at Heirloom. She meets Max and they are smitten with each other. Max is in danger, but is he competent to cope with unexpected attacks on his life? What happens to Caroline and Colton, who lies helplessly paralyzed and speechless in the nursing home? How does Voodoo play in the dark corners of this story? The world of evil that Ireland has created and that thing that he has become illustrate the depth of depravity into which a man can descend. Get a taste of the mysterious beauty of New Orleans and the exotic French Quarter, the excitement of Mardi Gras, and the inexplicable power of the dark side. Find the hidden symbols and clues sown throughout Heirloom.

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