Ferrill Gibbs 

After years of cutting his teeth in the family convenience store business, one day Ferrill Gibbs composed a bucket list: 1. Write and record a bunch of decent, listenable songs. 2. Write a book. Preferably something good. 3. Go skydiving... ...and so forth. In the seven year stretch between 2010 and 2017, Ferrill began to write and record four albums in the mystical city of Athens, GA. His albums would go on to garner indie radio play around the country, with CMJ, No Depression, and American Songwriting Magazine among the publications to cover his music. Not a bad start to #1 on an ambitious bucket list. Simultaneously, he began to publish weekly installments of his very first book, The Secret Island of Edgar Dewitt, on his website, accumulating a devoted following amongst his adoring mother and all her impressionable friends. Yanking the finished manuscript from his website, he began the unenviable task of searching for a publisher. With help from his wife, who constantly urged him along, who led him across the country in search of a "Big-Time Agent" at book conferences in cities such as Austin and Hollywood, inevitably he found himself sitting in front of one of those unspeakable monsters. Certain lion maulings have resulted in less carnage. Vastly outnumbered by armies of aspiring writers clutching bucket lists of their own, Ferrill found himself crawling back to Alabama beaten and discouraged, left only to realize that becoming published by a reputable company might just be a one-in-a-million thing. Yet, here he is: after seven long and grueling years, #2 of his bucket list will soon be ceremoniously checked off. Ferrill's debut novel will be published in September of 2017! In the meantime, he continues chasing down #'s 3-10. So, expect to see him playing his songs on Saturday Night Live in, say, about seven years or so.
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