Beth Bowland 

I live in Texas, but I'm originally from Ohio. I have always enjoyed writing and making up stories. I write middle-grade fiction. I write mostly contemporary, fantasy and dabble in science fiction. I consider myself a storyteller, learning to be a writer. Crablegs are my all-time favorite food. Point me to the nearest buffet, and move outta my way! I’m married to a wonderful, handsome man named Phil. I have an awesome daughter named Shannan who is married to an awesome man named Joel. My favorite time to write is after midnight, which makes me not a morning person.aboutpic2 One household chore that I absolutely despise is mopping floors. I love wearing fuzzy socks. My all-time favorite movie is ‘Enter the Dragon’ My favorite color is purple. My favorite book is The Hobbit. My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love cheesy science fiction movies. My favorite TV series as a child: ‘Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot’ I get nervous while using the self-checkout at the grocery store. (Ack! What is the code for red grapes??) I’m terrified of creepy crawly things, scary books & horror mov
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