Gregg Brickman 

The one question I'm asked more frequently than any other is, "Did your parents want a boy?" My standard reply is, "My father named me, and he wanted me to be unique." If I'm feeling sassy, I claim to have been named after my father's boyfriend, which is not even close to what happened. In truth, my father saw a picture of a actress of no renown named Gregg Sherwood. He liked the name -- perhaps, the actress as well. My father, an accomplished wordsmith, made his living as a country printer. I inherited a smidgeon of his flair for the language. My mother was a musician extraordinaire, and sadly, I didn't inherit much of her musical ability. Those genes apparently lodged in my brother. I took my leave from North Dakota a few days after my 18th birthday and never looked back. Following a short stint in Minneapolis and a little longer stay in New York City, I landed in Florida. I completed my nursing education in three sections, Associate of Science Degree, Bachelor of Science Degree, and Master of Science Degree. After several years of clinical nursing, I accepted an upper level administrative position. In 1996, I returned to academe, this time as a faculty member at Broward Community College where I taught beginning nursing courses. The second most frequent question I'm asked is how did I get started writing mysteries. I have to admit that I'm a voracious reader, occasionally picking up something other than a mystery, thriller, or suspense novel. But, I had a story of my own burning in my mind. I sat down and wrote the first chapter, realizing immediately that I didn't have a clue about how to proceed -- my protagonist didn't have a clue about solving the mystery in the first novel either. After devouring several how to books -- my venture boosted book sales immediately -- the plot started to pan out. I connected with the Mystery Writers of America -- Florida Chapter, where I received the instruction and support required to learn the craft. My first manuscripts are not marketable. I'm saving them for my yet unborn grandchildren to discover and have a good laugh over. Credits include Imperfect Defense, Illegal Intent, She Learned to Die, Plan to Kill, Imperfect Daddy, Imperfect Contract, Illegally Dead, Chapter 14 of Naked Came the Flamingo, a Murder on the Beach progressive novella edited by Barbara Parker and Joan Mickelson, and On the Edge, a short story []. The Writers' Network of South Florida recognized On the Edge among the finalists in their Seventh Annual Short Story Contest. I live in Tennessee with my husband Steve and two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Rex, our A.D.D. dog, and Max, who never missed a meal. Our boys are grown. Mark, lives in Florida with his beautiful wife Laurie. Benjamin, lives in San Francisco and works on web and iPhone development.
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