Olga Verro 

My name is Olga Gladky Verro and I am an author, memoirist and compiler of memoir materials, editor and translator. I am Ukrainian born, with Russian my first language. Married Italian prisoner of war in Germany. I became fluent in German and French and, since I lived in Italy from 1945-1959, I speak, read and write Italian. I lost some fluency in German and French from non-use but the knowledge of several languages does come in handy in writing. In 1959 my husband, my two children and I immigrated to the United States and joined my father and mother, who came here in 1958. I have a doctorate in Education from University of Connecticut.---- As a retirement project I am preparing for publication our family memoirs: Caught in the Web of History: Nikita S. Khrushchevs Teacher and Her Family Remember the Sweep of Events That Destroyed the Life of Millions by Antonina G. Berezhnaya Gladky, Orest M. Gladky, Olga Gladky Verro and Giulio Verro, compiled, translated, and edited by Olga Gladky Verro, English editor Oliver W. Kellogg. The memoir is compiled from narrated memoirs and writings: by my mother, who was one of Nikita S. Khrushchevs teachers; by my father, whose numerous stories were published in the Russian immigrant press; by my husband, who preserved the original Book of Flight from his service in the campaign of the Italian Air Force in the Legionary Air Force in Spain during the Spanish civil war; and it includes chapters from our life in German labor and prisoner of war camps during World War Two, UNRRA and IRO camps at wars end; and post war before coming to the U.S.---- I also compiled, translated, edited and prepared for publication the memoirs of my mother, Antonina Berezhnaya Gladky, Nikita S. Khrushchevs Teacher Remembers: With Rare Insight Into Political Formation Years of the Former Leader of Soviet Union and Later Encounters With Her Famous Student.---- My father, Orest M. Gladky, was a writer between 1945-1977 and his stories were published in the Russian immigrant journals and newspapers in England, New York, San Francisco and Buenos Aires. As a writer my father left part of himself behind. I am releasing his words and thoughts to share with the readers about who he was and what he felt and believed. The stories are based on life episodes spanning from the 1917 Russian Revolution and the Russian Civil War to those under the Bolsheviks and Stalins dictatorship and life behind the Iron Curtain. I compiled and edited from his manuscripts and published works two volumes of short stories: Voices from the Past: A Collection of Short Stories Preserving Facts and Thoughts for Posterity to Pause and Ponder, and one volume of a biographical collection of stories written or narrated by the author: Branded An Enemy of the People: Selected Stories from the Life of an Immigrant Writer Preserving Facts and Thoughts for Posterity to Pause and Ponder. These collections are ready in 2010 for publication in Russian and in English and I am searching for publishers.---- Oliver W. Kellogg, the English Editor, wrote in his introduction to the collections: Author Orest M. Gladky wrote as a victim of his times. Branded an Enemy of the People for his volunteer service as a boyage 16soldier in the White army in the Russian Civil War which followed the 1917 revolution, he survived as such through the years when the victorious Reds established and carried forward the notoriously dictatorial policies which dogmatically sought to enhance the power of the State through reduction of individual power and too often the literal destruction of the individual. He loved Holy Russia as constituted before Soviet control and never forgave that hierarchy not only for its tyrannies but also its stupidities. When the civil war ended he was forced to fear and flee State power, then learned to hate it, which he did even under German occupation and throughout his World War Two refugee sojourning in Europe and England. Even as he settled and remained in the United States, he continued to hate those who destroyed his Russia. Gladky was a man driven to write and that he did, in scores of stories, prompted not simply by memories of tumultuous and perilous personal life but also by a deep wish that todays readers learn of those days and be given pause.
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